Please note:

The Masonic is located in a residential neighborhood. As a courtesy to our neighbors, and for your safety, we respectfully ask that you do not arrive for the Winner concert before 2:00pm on the day of the show. Our pre-show waiting space is very limited. If you have reserved balcony tickets, please do not arrive before 6:30pm. Lining up on the sidewalks surrounding the facility is prohibited.


After proving the value of the name with their debut album [2014 S/S] and their releases last year including [FATE NUMBER FOR] and [OUR TWENTY FOR], the group finally made a comeback with their official full album [EVERYD4Y] in 2018.

The group let the public recognize their name in 2017 and set their unique sound with the song ‘REALLY REALLY,’ which helped them establish their current populate position through their musical growth and promotional activities.

Their new album [EVERYD4Y] displays the group’s attempt on upgrading their musical spectrum intro various genres including ‘hip-hop, trap, acoustic, and ballad.’ Furthermore, they included the number <4> which represents WINNER and their musical challenge and thoughts into the title of the album by switching the word into a newly created word.

Now it’s time for us to watch the amazing results that WINNER will achieve in 2018, after setting a milestone back in 2017 with the song ‘REALLY REALLY’ by establishing their unique musical color and ‘100 million chart-in streams’ for the first time as a male-idol group.

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